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D system - Low Profile


"D" system is the most common system available in the U.S., also known as American Sankey. It is used by all the major breweries—Anheuser—Busch, Miller, Molson—Coors, and Labatt as well as most craft breweries. Visit our beer system listing for an expanded listing of beers that use the "D" system valve. Short handle is ideal for the smaller diameter 1/6 kegs.

The keg coupler connects to the keg valve, "tapping" the keg. Both the gas line from the CO2 tank/regulator and the beer hose to the beer faucet attach to the coupler.


  • Low profile design for tight height clearance installations
  • 304 stainless steel body
  • 304 stainless steel probe
  • 304 stainless steel tailpiece for 3/16" I.D. beer hose
  • 304 stainless steel tailpiece for 3/8" I.D. gas hose
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To tap: place probe in extended position, align keg lugs and insert into keg valve. To tap keg push down and turn clockwise to stop. 

CAUTION: This low profile coupler does not turn off gas when coupler is untapped. Shut off gas supply when untapping/releasing coupler from keg. Lever handle couplers turn off gas when untapped. 


Do all brands of beers use the same keg tapping equipment?

Important information regarding Prop. 65 for CA residents.


Handle StyleTwist
Material304 stainless steel
Gas Port3/8" 304 stainless steel tailpiece
Beer Port3/16" 304 stainless steel tailpiece
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