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This listing is for U.S. domestically distributed kegs. Verify with your local distributor the cooperage (keg and valve system) for the beer you intend to dispense.

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We at Micro Matic do try to maintain a database of brands of draft beer and the system of valve they use in their kegs. But, as there are literally tens of thousands of breweries and brands of beer available it's simply not possible to maintain a listing of every brand of beer.

For those brands of beer not covered in our listing, we recommend simply inquiring about the system of keg coupler with the company you are purchasing your kegs from. If they do not know, they can make a quick call to the beer distributor or brewery to find out this information for you.

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Beer BrandSystemCouplerPump
Young'sS 7486E 7520E
Young's Chocolate StoutS 7486E 7520E
Young's Oatmeal StoutS 7486E 7520E
Young's Ram Rod BitterS 7486E 7520E
Young's Special London AleS 7486E 7520E
YuenglingD 7485E 7509E