Mini Mushroom Tower - 4 304 Faucets - Polished Stainless Steel - Glycol Cooled

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Mini Mushroom Tower - 4 Faucet



  • Distinctive style!
  • Takes up less space then traditional Mushroom
  • All stainless steel contact with the beer: product lines, shanks, & faucets
Choose stainless steel for the ultimate in purity!Kool-Rite Technology included.NSF Certified


Dispense SystemGlycol Cooled (Kool-Rite Integrated Module)
Faucets4 304(Tap Handles not included, Order separately)
FinishPolished Stainless Steel
Connection (Product)1/4" O.D. Stainless Steel tubes with tapered barb 1/4"-3/8"
Connection (Glycol)3/8" O.D. Copper tubes with 3/8" barb fitting
Column Diameter4"
Faucet Height10-1/2"
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Replacement Parts
ItemPart #DescriptionPriceAvail.Qty 
1 4301 Black Tap Handle $3.51 In Stock
2 304 Polished 304 Stainless Steel $50.69 In Stock
3 102-167 O-Ring, Kool-Rite Shanks $0.47 In Stock
4 D16-4 Gasket - 4" O.D. Towers $6.28 In Stock