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Question about Line Cleaners

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  • Question about Line Cleaners

    I was wondering if there are a lot of companies out there that offer line cleaning services. I did a search and did not find many. Is this something that most bars and restaurants do themselves? does anyone have any general info on this service? thanks.

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    are you wanting this for an at home service or commercial business? if this for home, go to the page and check out the cleaning tools, or post this in the commercial section and someone will surely steer u in the right direction

    From the land of pleasant living, the Chesapeake bay
    From the land of pleasant living, the Chesapeake bay
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      Depening what state you are in, depends on who will perform your service.
      It seems to me that draught line cleaning is kinda like the guy that cleans the hoods over the stoves, most people dont realize that service is being provided.


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        Some states allow the distributors to install/clean draft beer lines. The states that do not allow that, lines are cleaned by either the bar or most likely an outside service.

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