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Anyone ever get a bad keg?

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    Kegs of beer are like sex with a woman - the worst I ever had was Fantastic!


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      OK, I've had my kegerator for over 5 years now and have gone through about 20-25 kegs over that time. Most of the kegs are domestic (Miller Light and Coors Light). 2 weeks ago I bought a new Miller Light keg and all I pretty much get out of it is PURE FOAM and a horrible taste. I have tried:

      1. Make sure lines have been cleaned.
      2. Let the keg sit 24-48 hours in the fridge unpressurized.
      3. Released any internal pressure via the sankey pressure release pin, let sit for while, then turn the CO2 back up to only 2-3 lbs.

      Still all foam and bad taste. If this was my first keg I would think I am doing something wrong but this one stumps me. Is there such a thing as a bad keg?

      Thanks for any advice?

      Cammie Ferenz

      ****** Cases


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        Welcome to the MM forum Clammy. Now get lost


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          Every once in awhile quality control misses a keg and things happen. Next time you suspect an off-taste. Have the store take one of their picnic pumps and tap the keg. Dispense a sample and have then taste test. Try to time the return so that you still have decent temperature.