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Keeping liquor on tap?

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  • Keeping liquor on tap?

    I've done a fair bit of searching on the web regarding this topic, but haven't found too much info.

    I have a small basement bar that I want to have 3 taps- one for dispensing beer, and the other two for vodka/whiskey/rum etc...

    I've seen the gravity feed-style dispeners for liquor but that really isn't what I'm looking for.

    I like the concept of this machine:

    3 Tap machine Captain Morgan & Jagermeister ®shot glass - (eBay item 230192416539 end time Nov-18-07 09:33:24 PST)

    but it is also not what I'm looking for.

    My tap lines will run through the wall at the back of the bar into another room where the kegerator(s) will be located. I attached a couple of pics,

    one of the bar and one of the wall in the room behind the bar where the kegerator/lines will be. I plan on having 12 taps total with only the 3 furthest on the left actually operational. The board I have them mounted on now is just to see how they would look.

    I'm not sure how to make this happen, I know I need a tap faucet, shank,beer line, a kegerator, and I assume either C02 or Nitrogen to drive the liquor from the keg and out of the faucet. How would I keg the liquor? Let's say I wanted to have vodka on tap- would I just take 5 gallons or so and fill a soda keg like I would if I was kegging home brewed beer? Would I use Co2 or Nitrogen? Will it carbonate the vodka, affect it's taste, or alter it in any way whatsoever?

    I know this is a forum for beer, but I would appreciate any help anyone could offer.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Use a small premix soda keg since the lid is easily removed and you can mix any concoction you desire. Unless you want it to have an effervescent quality, use nitrogen to propel.

    As to your refrigerator, check out the shadow box diagram to assure temperature transfer to the faucet.
    Scott Zuhse, Instructor Micro Matic Dispense Institute


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      Hey Scott,

      Thanks a lot for the reply.

      I assume the premix soda keg you mentioned is a 5 gal. cornelius soda keg?

      I'm not absolutely certain I want to keep 5 gallons of each liquor on hand at a time, beings that could get expensive, but I have seen some 2 or 3 gallon kegs available.

      I have a Parrot Bay (coconut rum) tap handle, and it is commecially made, so I assume it was meant to be used in conjunction with Parrot Bay Coconut Rum being dispensed through a tap? Parrot Bay is a favorite of mine, and I'd like to keep it on tap, however, I'm concerned about it's high sugar content causing residue to build up in the faucet/tap lines. I'd also like to keep Kahlua on tap, but have the same concern. Then again, soda is equally, if not moreso higher in sugar content, and it's dispensed through a tap.

      I'm pretty sure I do not wish to refrigerate the beer lines/faucet, beings the kegerator/refirgeration unit will be located less than a foot from the faucets, I don 't mind "wasting" a foots' worth of liquid for each tap to get to the cold liquid. I know that with beer, the line should be at least 5 feet, but since my liquor does not require carbonation and foaming isn't an issue, I'm assuming the shortest distance possible would be the best choice?

      Can I expect any alteration whatsoever to my drinks if I propel my spirits/liquers using Nitrogen? Will they be carbonated even a tiny bit?

      How much liquid does a foot of beerline hold? I plan on pouring the first foot or two of spirts/liqours into individual bottles and just re-using it by adding it to the cornelius kegs when they need re-filling.

      Other than my Parrot Bay tap handle, and a Jack Daniels tap handle I've seen, I don't know of any other liquor/spirits tap handles that are availabe, does anybody know of a source to acquire these? or will I probably have to make my own (tap handles/labels/printer).

      I really appreciate your help Scott, and if anyone else has any info. that could be of use, I'd really like to hear it.

      Thanks a lot.


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        Were you able to keep liquor on tap? Does it work if you use nitrogen? I was wondering if you could just use oxygen, but i dont know how it affects liquid when its mixed.
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          Be sure to use just nitrogen if you go this route, brew gas has co2 in it (about 25%) and will carbonate the liquid to an extent (especially if cold). I've seen wine systems use argon which may be less soluble than nitrogen (which is not very soluble at all). Some thoughts about the dispensing liquor; I've never seen the avaialblity of "kegs" of liquor so you will more than likely need to do it yourself. I've done this with corny cans and it's worked fine but I premixed a drink like Long Island Ice Tea's or Jack and Cokes, just figure out the ratio and blend with coke. Doing this you could just use co2 because the drink itself is supposed to be carbonated. Also if you go with pushing just the liquor, I would make sure you have separate regulators so you can dial down the pressure on those lines and don't restrict the lines so you do not need a high push pressure. Be careful with flavored vodkas (Kahlua included) as these have a tendency to leave residual flavors in the line. Good luck.
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