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Buying a Cider Press vs. Building Your Own?

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  • Buying a Cider Press vs. Building Your Own?

    Hello, I'm new to the home brewing scene so am after some advice. I have actually brewed some wine in the past so I am a little familiar with some of the processes but its been a while. I'm now keen on giving beer and cider a go, especially keen to try out cider as its my wife's favourite tipple. I'm more of a beer man generally but during the hotter months, I do enjoy a refreshing cider myself. Anyway, first things first, I have all the brewing kits and equipment, the only thing I'm really missing is a cider press. Now I'm sure an old mate of mine that used to do brewing, put together a make shift cider press back in the day and it worked a treat. Can anyone tell me if its a pretty simple thing to knock-up or for the hassle, am I just better going out and buying one, maybe just picking-up a second-hand used one? Thanks.
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    I've seen some Youtube videos of people making their own make-shift cider press using various different methods and its not that expensive to do. If you've got a lot of the materials lying around the home then it will cost you hardly anything. I'm just not sure I can be bothered as after further looking, you can get them relatively cheap anyway and pick up a half decent one second-hand for under


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      Just bought one online so all good.


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        Making cider presses on your own can be a bit of a hassle so it is better that you bought one online.Cider should be stored in a cool dry and dark place similar to a wine cooler I recently bought one from a neighboring kitchen and home appliance store called best brand appliance or even wine cellars.