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  • New to doing the Kegorator

    We are new to owning a "Kegorator", recently I upgraded from an insulated wheeled storage cart (commercial hot plate carrier, like a igaloo on wheels) to a commercial beverge aire dispenser on wheels.

    We are having our first event at our home where we are utilizing this addition to our entertainment and I purchased the Sam Addams Oktoberfest 1/2 barrel.

    Made acquatences at the nearest brew your own supplier for future replacement parts, hoses and the possibility of making our own beer & mead.

    Purchased (2) full CO2 bottles (there are no refill sites anywhere near us but the nearest welding supply does exchanges like they do with propane).

    Watched several "How To" videos on what to do, how to set up and use the system.......

    Checked the parts and O rings, cleaned the line, tap and dispenser (I was told that Scent Free Oxy Clean is ok to use and cheaper than the serv clean they sell at the brew stores (which is about 20 miles from us)

    CO2 is inside, Keg is at 36 degrees F, any suggestions? Recommendations?

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    What is the question, if any, buried in all that?? BTW using oxy clean or anything not intended for beer line is a silly short cut. Beer line cleaner is not all that expensive. Ruining your beers with bad flavor for the sake of saving a few pennies is a bad trade.
    What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines


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      Is the kegerator brand new? if so why clean the lines? and dont use anything besides certified beer line cleaner!


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        Does anyone have experience applying for jobs in Canada? I would like to apply for some jobs as international worker but need help.


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          Hey everyone. First of all thank you to all of you for the extensive knowledge you bestow. I recently acquired a Danby Kegerator model DKC645BLS and completely replaced the lines and cleaned everything out, obviously before plugging it in. So here's the problem, I plugged in in and after about 5 minutes of running the display beeps and continually switches from F to C. When it starts the beeping and switching the display buttons become inactive and do not react to me touching them. I have read recent threats about JC temperature bypass or replacing the control board or replacing the display board (which is discontinued btw). The display seems fine. I can see everything and until the problem happens I can actually use the display. The unit definitely cools still although the left panel gets a little hot the unit still cools. HELP should I buy a new control board?



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            Jobs in Canada??? Where does this come from


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              Thanks for sharing these tips.


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                Hello everyone
                I am new here.Thanks all for sharing.
                best regards
                steve smith

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                  Hello everyone this is my first post and i hope you people co-operate with me i am a writer, internet searcher and doing job at UK writing company ...
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