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Three Sheets or Beer Nutz

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  • Three Sheets or Beer Nutz

    Anybody ever watch either of these shows? They run in Socal on Mojohd. I watch them both when on. Just in case you have not...Three sheets is a funny show where the host travels the world and drinks the local flavor all the while playing drinking games ect... The morning after he goes for the local hang over cure. Yes its a bit sophmoric but damn funny if you drink along. Beer Nutz are a couple of yes, Beer Nutz that travel the US to different bars. They drink the local beer and sample local food. Great show for info on where to get your beer on when traveling.

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    I used to all the time, not so much since the wife and I had kids 16 months ago lol

    Zane Lamprey is cool

    We watch bar rescue now, religiously lol