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check my v/v understanding please.

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  • check my v/v understanding please.

    So I have a True TDD-1 on its way to my home. I studied up on many of the items on this site to try and eliminate as many of the beginner problems with the draft system as I could. Can someone please check these numbers and let me know if they make sense or if not what needs to be considered and or changed.
    So let's say I have a beer maybe a Porter or Stout that has a v/v of 2.0 and my beer temp is 38 degrees. Do these numbers make sense?

    6 - from carb. Chart
    1.5 For my 3,000 foot elevation adjustment in Las Vegas.
    1.0 to push to beer (is this necessary)

    8.5 The total PSI I should set on that regulator

    For this one let's say it is an IPA and the v/v is 2.5, again the beer temp is 38 degrees.

    11.2 - from carb. Chart
    1.5 - for elevation adjustment
    1.0 To push the beer

    13.7 psi total

    Thanks in advance for your help,


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    Your numbers look good, couple of things:
    Every brewery carbonates their beer differently, the type of beer is just a guideline, best to check the carbonation sticky, if not there, contact brewery, ask the brewmaster for the v/v, don't ask, "what PSI do I set" or "what is best PSI".
    Second, check your elevation, if you are in the mountains and hills, 3000 feet might be right but Wikipedia says Las Vegas is 2000 feet.
    Here is a post by the administrator (Scott) regarding push.
    Most members don't adjust for push, so if in Las Vegas (say the same elevation as the strip) for IPA I'd set somewhere between 13-13.5 PSI to start ,really hard to set PSI to .XX, so 13 would be best.
    Remember to go longer beer line and buy a decent thermometer, welcome to the world of draft beer.


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      Thanks for the advice, I'll use it. I am twelve miles northwest of the strip and I am at 3,050 feet of altitude to be exact the valley here slopes upward as you head out of the strip/downtown area. How long of a beer line would you recommend?



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        Check out my newbie thread:
        I would say 7 feet is fine, other members start at 10 feet and cut back to adjust for flow, if you will dispense microbrews, go 10 to start, big brewery, 7-8 should be fine for most beers, I would dispense a big brewery (or at least one from carbonation sticky) as the 1st beer keg from the True, then you have a known v/v and you can adjust accordingly.
        So for every PSI calculated I would add 2 PSI, so for IPA, 13.2, I'd still back off to 13 (I set about .5 higher than dead on without push, I rather set high than too low), this would still get you 1.5 +.3.