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  • Guinness head too bigho

    Hi all, I have a converted refrigerator that has a half keg of Guinness and a 75/25 g mix. I have the pressure at 30psi and the keg is pouring pints with 2.5 inches of head. The temp in the fridge is at 40 degrees. I Cleaned the whole system before tapping the keg on Saturday. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    The temp in the fridge is arbitrary information.

    The beer temp is what matters:

    You will need a room temperature glass and a CALIBRATED probe thermometer.

    Step 1: Pour a beer in the glass
    Step 2: Dump or chug immediately
    (this acclimatizes your glass to the beer temp to give a more accurate reading)
    Step 3: Pour a second beer into the SAME glass
    Step 4: Insert thermometer into this beer and wait for needle to settle on a number - be sure not to touch the sides or bottom of the glass with the probe.
    Step 5: The exact reading you see is your beer temp

    Please note, a range will not work – your beer temp is an exact figure, for example, 38.4 degrees. Your beer is not 37 to 39 degrees.

    Is every beer foamy? Or if you pour two consecutive pints is the second beer a perfect pour?

    Post back with the answers, I am not educated enough on Nitro systems, so someone else will have to help from here, but that information will help others help you.


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      Sketch got it right, though stouts are nitro, it still will be effected by temperature, PSI of 30 should work for stout at 36-40 degrees , The Guinness experts seem to disappear after they solve their problem, this is a resource page from MM:
      Dispensing Stout Beer: Guinness, Murphy's
      A 2-2 1/2 inch head doesn't seem so bad, I looked through a few videos and most will pour near that, and you still have to wait till the cascade show is done, then you top off with stout faucet pushed backward, most sites will say "well worth the wait". How to pour:
      If you still have problems after getting temperature and PSI matched, you could re-clean with BLC, if faucet is used make sure the stout faucet has all its parts. If still have heavy foam, double check with your gas dealer and make sure the ratio is correct.
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        poopbullet, have you confirmed 25/75 is accurate ? I have received 64/40 & 70/30 etc. until worked real close with nitro gas filler - there is a "beer check" tool that test tank for % of co2 - (mm sells this) our beer distributor has one & I take new tanks to be checked- i pour Guinness 37 deg and 32# from first to last glass with 1/2 head (summit kegerator with tower fan & computer fan directed to cold plate)