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Setting PSI: Regulator valve open or closed?

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  • Setting PSI: Regulator valve open or closed?

    This question has been asked before with various responses but I'm curious about this topic.

    When setting the PSI on your system, do you do so with the regulator valve closed or open?

    This evening I had a new keg to tap. Set the PSI with the valve closed to 14. I noted that when I opened the valve it dropped and now sits at 12.

    It begs the question, is the PSI at 12 or 14?

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    good question. is there a thread that has a step by step instructions on how to tap a keg, set the regulator psi?
    What I have: Kenmore, dual regulator, 10' beer line, cooling fan in-box
    What's on tap: Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA
    The Summary: (2) ΒΌ Yuengling Lager


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      it would be my seriously non-expert opinion that when you set it while open you get an accurate reading. my theroy would be that the extreamly small orfice in the regulator would fill too quickly and perhaps over fill before clicking closed giving you a higher reading....but when you add all the lines and keg orfice the space is large enough to perform a more accurate closing.


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        The "How to's" are in the resource section, there is a good one in the conversion section of the store in the DIY instructions, if the temperature unknown general rule is 12-14 PSI.
        Setting the regulator depends on make of the regulator, on the Chinese-made one I take care of, I have never been able to set while closed, I have to release some gas with pressure relief valve, then set, this usually is the most reliable, if I do any other way the needle tends to change over time.