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Air in beer lines; after sitting for a day.

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  • Air in beer lines; after sitting for a day.

    I'm noticing lately that my first pour of the day always comes out extra foaming because there seems to be some air/gas that collect in the beer line after sitting for 24 hours. Why is this happening? I don't have any leak but air/gas is making it into the beer line. Pressure too low, too high? Any ideas?

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    It's because the pressure is incorrect. Could be too high or too low - depends on your beer and temp.

    What beer are you serving?
    What is your second pour temp? (Don't know what that means? Read this )
    Do you live at an elevation over 1000'? If so, what is your elevation?


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      Most likely the pressure is too low. Search this forum for flashlight test
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