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True TDD-2ct compressor short cycling

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  • True TDD-2ct compressor short cycling

    This is a copy of my post that I put on the commercial forum yesterday, I was not sure where it should go since it is a commercial Kegerator, but it is in my home for personal use. Mods, please feel free to delete the post that is in the wrong place.

    Good Morning,

    I recently purchased a used True TDD-2CT Kegerator for my home use. I cleaned it out, set it up, and plugged it in after allowing it to settle for about 2 days after the move. The kegerator has had the towers replaced and is set up for 4 drafts. I originally only had 1 half-barrel in it just to make sure everything worked before I invested in new lines, couplers, and everything else. I set up a plastic water bottle with a digital thermometer in it in the chest next to the keg to monitor temperatures, it was cooling to a pretty constant 35.5 degrees.

    Well the keg kicked in a few days and I went to replace it and add the other three slim quarter kegs. Before heading out to get the kegs I noticed that the compressor was turning on pretty often. I dont know if I just didnt notice this before or if it had just started. after reading up about the duty cycle of Kegerators on this site and a few other I decided to time the cycles, they are running about 6.5 minutes on and 6.5 minutes off and very consistent. No one has touched the temperature dial so I didnt want to fool with that since it was cooling to where I wanted it to. I unplugged the Kegerator ran all the new lines and added 3 new faucets then let it sit for about an hour. About 2 hours after unplugging it I plugged it back in and let it run overnight.

    This morning I woke up and waited for the compressor to kick on so I could time the cycles again. the compressor kicked on and ran for six minutes and then shut off for 7 minutes then ran for another six. I then checked the temperature and after running all night long it is only at 37.5 degrees (2 degrees warmer than what it has been running). The Kegerator is in my house which is at about a constant 70 degrees and had plenty of space above, behind, and on both sides of it. I also put it on feet so that there is 2" of space under it.

    Is this at all normal for this Kegerator? If not, any suggestions on how to fix this? The grill in front of the compressor is clear of debris and the fan by the compressor runs while the compressor is on. There is also a fan that I can hear inside the fridge part that seems to be running non-stop.

    I paid a lot of money for this and everything to get it completely functional with 4 taps. Im worried that it is on its way out and would love to be able to save it or be reassured that this is normal for this style Kegerator.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    UPDATE: after running for two days the liquid temperature as taken from a water bottle inside the kegerator is back down to 35.5 degrees. The compressor is still cycling every 6.5 minutes.

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    Door seals can be a problem on used units.

    Throw a bright flashlight inside and shut the door - you shouldn't be able to see any light around the door seal. If you do you need to replace it.

    I can't answer your compressor timing question with a lot of confidence, but it seems 6 min on 6 min off is a little too frequent - which a shoddy door seal would explain.

    Also, using a bottle/glass/bowl etc filled with water is not a good reference for temp. It has too little mass to represent how a keg will perform in the unit. Get a 5 gallon bucket, fill it with water and use that instead.


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      Thank you for the suggestions. I checked the door seals and they seem to be in perfect working order. I will try adding a larger container or water to test the temperature later tonight or tomorrow.

      Thanks again


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        The old rule of thumb for short cycling is when the compressor shuts off can you hold your hand on it for 5 seconds? Feel it again when it starts did it cool down much?