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Wild Beer Even At Low PSI

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  • Wild Beer Even At Low PSI

    Have a Danby DKC645BLS - So ran through a keg of Sierra Nevada with no issues minus about ~3 seconds of foam before lines cool down. Just hooked up keg of Sam Adams Noble Pils about a few days ago. Wild beer like crazy. Keg temp is 38, beer at tap temp is 39. PSI is set to 10. Tried all PSI levels down to 5-6 and still wild beer. Only time I can get a decent pour is by shutting off regulator. After which I get a perfect pour for about ~5-6 beers until flow slows down. Could this be a bad reg or bad seals somewhere?

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    It could be bad reg or seal. I think your PSI is too low. Have you done the "flashlight" test, found on Scott's Blog? Not knowing your elevation, I can't tell you what psi to set.
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      Your post should read "Wild pours especially at low PSI". When you do not supply enough pressure, co2 escapes out of solution. Agree with performing the flashlight test.
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