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Proper Use of Cleaning Kit

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  • Proper Use of Cleaning Kit

    I'm not an idiot, but I just received the "D System - 1.3 Gallon" cleaning kit, but there are a few things that the really nice directions didn't cover (Or I could not surmise).

    The bottle say NEVER use warm or hot water...
    The Clean Flo says to dissolve it in Warm water...

    The illustrations show it being mixed in the bottle...

    Next, the Clean Flo does a real nice job, but am I using too much?

    The bottle holds close to 4L of liquid. I put 2 scoops of Clean Flo into the bottle (The instructions on the Clean Flo indicate 1/2 scoop per 1L. Do I make a 1L batch and fill the rest with H2O or did I make it properly with 2 scoops and ~4L tap water.

    Then when I see it start to flow I close the tap, wait 5-10 minutes, flow the rest of the bottle, then fill ~4L cold, clean H20 and flow that through.

    Then soak the keg coupling and disassemble the faucet and let that soak.

    Are there any other chemicals that I should use or alternate in and out for my system?

    Am I using too much Clean Flo?

    Do I flush the lines between each keg, or ever 15 days (whichever is shorter), and do I have to do a full disassemble of faucet and coupler each time?

    Can I toss in the corney keg fittings in the solution as well?

    I have two tap lines so I am doubling this procedure.

    Awesome setup Micro Matic! Beer in my new clean lines was delish!