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Marvel Kegerator Compressor Runs Continuously

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  • Marvel Kegerator Compressor Runs Continuously

    I bought a used Marvel kegerator. It seemed to be working pretty good for a few days, but I wanted to get the beer a hair colder so I turned the cold control just a bit lower. A day later the whole thing is frozen and I find the compressor is running continually.

    Now, anywhere I put the dial, except completely in the lowest position, it just runs the compressor continually. In the lowest position it seems to just turn off.

    What should I check on this thing? Anything should try before replacing the thermostat? I mean, it was *just* working earlier in the week.

    If I do need to replace parts, any suggestions where to get them? Should I consider just turning the knob into what is effectively an "on" position and using a Johnson Controls type plug in controller?


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    Ice could be messing up your sensor, defrost naturally, reset thermostat to middle and try again. First to third beer may be warm in a unmodified Marvel, you could try and install a fan or tower cooler. I don't think anything is wrong with thermostat, but if you want get temperature controller, it may keep the beer colder, set to max cold, but ice may return. I say defrost, reset, get tower cooler and thermometer and check your temperatures and post when you have problems.


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      Gotcha. I'll try again. (and I did order a tower cooler).