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Best beer line cleaning system for the home user?

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  • Best beer line cleaning system for the home user?

    First of all... New beware.

    I am looking at buying a cleaning kit for my kegerator. In the past I have just disassembled everything and washed it all in soapy water, but that is just a pain so it doen't get done often enough. Do most home users use the hand pump system for $50 or the pressurized system for $100. I see benefits to the pressurized system since you let the solution sit in the line for 10 minutes before flushing it where with the hand pump system it just runs thru. But the big question is..Is it worth the extra money?

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    I have been using this for about 4 years
    Beer Line Cleaning - Deluxe Kit

    Never a problem; easy to use and keeps the lines squeaky clean. If for whatever reason you want to let the line cleaning solution rest in the beer line for a period of time, no problem. Just stop up the end of the line with something just enough to contain the solution. Imagination is worth bonus points here. I'll suggest something like a golf tee. One gentle pump just enough to get things flowing to the let it sit as long as you wish. Truth be told, I am not sure I see the benefit of that though. A regular cleaning seems to work just fine for me.

    Anyway....that's my opinion on the subject. That additional $50 buys me a keg..always a good thing.
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      I agree with Acmemfg, I use the same and have no complaints - use it on a dual tap setup every so often, between kegs - takes about 20 minutes including disassembling and cleaning of the faucets and couplers. As cool as the pressurized unit is, for me there is no reason to want to spend the extra money on it.


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        My friend who is a local micro-brewer put me on to this. Go to a hardware store and buy a cheap (around 15 bucks) plastic pump up bug sprayer. Cut off or remove the spray nozzle at the end of the hose. Place a connection into the hose that will connect to your beer line. When you want to clean your lines, use some Oxy Free powdered soap mixed with water. just pump it up and let it stand in the line for about twenty minutes, then run the rest of the soap through the line. Rinse out the sprayer real well and flush the soap out of the line with clean water, followed by just air from the sprayer. Works great, it is cheap, and very easy to make.


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          I have the pressurized bottle and while it seemed to be overkill, I've learned that it is great for multiple lines. Also because it couples like a keg, it gives the coupler and the faucet a flush of cleaner. This lets me get lazy and not disassemble the coupler and faucet as often as I would do otherwise.
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            I use the hand pump method and it has worked great for me. (I really like the idea from Acmemfg about using a golf tee... or whatever... to plug the end of the line in order to let the solution soak in the line... duct tape didn;t work so well because the solution is slimy) .

            I've always had a thing about getting enough rinse through the lines after soaking. My unit is in the garage and fortunately next to a hose bib. I engineered a hook up to my hose for the final rinse! I just use the line that came with the cleaning kit, but after running the solution, I uncouple the hose from the pump bottle and attach that end to a piece of hose that is "stepped up" to fit onto an attachment that hooks to my garden hose. It works great....decreases the process time and gives me peace of mind that the lines are COMPLETELY rinsed!!
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