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  • Air in My Lines

    Been having a foaming issue with a new keg of bud light, after reading I did the flashlight test and it looks like I am getting air into my line. I just took everything apart and still same issue, my unit is only 3 kegs old, any suggestions????

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    That is not air. It is co2 that is out of solution. What temperature is your beer and what do you have the regulator set at.
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      Thank you for your response, I initally froze my lines and backed the temperature off a couple of days ago. It is a keg of bud light and current temp on the second pour is right around 40-41 degrees and the psi is set at 12-13. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


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        Bump the pressure up to 15-16 PSI and let it sit for while. The beer may end up pouring a little fast but that shouldn't be a problem.

        The air in your lines in the carbonation breaking out of the beer because the CO2 pressure isn't high enough.

        If you leave the pressure at 12-13 with a beer temp of 40-41, you will have flat beer soon.

        Bud light needs 14 psi at 38 degrees. If the beer is warmer than that, then you need to raise the pressure to compensate.