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    Hi guys... System seems to run fine except inside the kegerator temp is about 40-44... beer is always foamy... I currently have it set to 8.5-9. Temp does not seem to be coming down, door seal appears to be tight, don't feel any leaks around door seal. Also beer seems to pour better when Co2 is getting low.... But run pressure 12-14psi. Any ideas?

    Thanks, Marty.

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    First off, welcome to the forum. Second, the search function works wonders. This subject has been covered many times.

    Anyway, check to make sure the condenser coils down by the compressor are clean all the way through. Also, 8.5-9 will normally cause the evaporator coils inside to freeze up, check for that. If you are not moving air through the evaporator because they are frozen it will not cool properly. The normal setting for that unit is somewhere around 4-5.

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      Hi Marty and welcome! I have BM-23 and I run mine at a setting of 5. Temps range from 34 - 38... just depending if the compressor is cycling or not. If I set mine to 8-9 I'd freeze the keg immediately.

      How old is your unit? How often is the compressor cycling? It's a matter of elimination of possibilities and the Iceman noted a couple great places to start.... and I highly suggest the search routine too. Let us know how you come along with the issue.
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        My BM23 is 4 years old. Coils are clean as a hound dog's tooth. From day one it ran warm (still does I suppose). Box temperature is set to keep my beverages at 37-39 degrees or thereabout. Thermostat is (and has always) been at 9. Had a tech look at the unit a while back on an unrelated warrenty issue. He tweaked the thermostat to get the unit to achieve that temperature at 9...before then it woulodn't get much below 40-42. He did advise the thermostat had additional range of adjustment, but as it gets the temperature where I want it at 9, fine by me. Hasn't given me heartburn for many years and my beers and ales are doing fine.
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          Originally posted by Acmemfg View Post
          my beers and ales are doing fine.
          say what?
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            I did have it at 4-5 and it only got to 40-42...ok correction, did have it at 8 last night... now down to 40.. Coils both in and out are cool, inside fan runs all the time like it should, and it appears that compressor does cycle, but not sure how often...busy house. So tonight i have it turned up to 9 to see what i does tomorrow.... will let you know.


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              Ok, tonight temp is down to 38....