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Confused -Prior Posts re: Guinness Foam

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  • Confused -Prior Posts re: Guinness Foam

    I've read thru all the posts on Guinness and too much foam. I understand the - you get what you pay for, so I got a restaurant-grade Beverage-Air kegerator, using a 25% / 75% beer gas mix, temp set at 40 degrees (very consistent), cooled tower, 32 PSI. At the start the beer pours just fine, as the keg empties, it gets to the point of half foam. So the other posts suggest too much carbonization ( I read to be too much CO2) as the keg runs down and then there is the issue of 8 feet of hose from keg to spout. I am not sure I understand the reason why the 8' impacts the foam - maybe someone can put that in laymen terms. Buy if mix is right, why would there be too much CO2 in the end? This has been a consistent problem across many tanks of gas. Any suggestions?

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    How sure are you on the temp?
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      You are not alone. A few wholesalers have the same issue with Guinness on tap at retailers in their market area. It normally comes down to a gas ratio that is not correct. Those wholesalers that experience this issue purchase a hand held device called a Beer Check that analyzes the gas mix for accuracy.

      In most cases the ratio of CO2 in the blend is too high. The gas company receives a call from them and they are advised that they will be compensating the retailer for a bad keg, not the wholesaler. The gas company tends to pay closer attention to their gas mix product in a hurry.

      Based on your market area, you may want to call the local Guinness wholesaler and inquire on any issues they may be experiencing. Possibly they may have the analyzer and you could have them check the gas you are using.

      Beer line length is a not a valid point. The above is all mute if your system, including spout, is not clean.
      Scott Zuhse, Instructor Micro Matic Dispense Institute