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  • New Compressor issues

    The starter kit failed after 2 months of use. I called back the HVAC guy that did the work to order and install me a new compressor, after installing the compressor he noticed the compressor would trip within 2-3 minutes. So he replaced the capillary tubbing and it still trips and cycles back on within 2-3 minutes. Had anyone had a similar issue or know what could be the issue? So far he's installed a new Drier, capillary tube, compressor, thermostat. The compressor isn't getting nearly as hot to trip so doesn't know what can be wrong. He mentioned he wanted to install some TXV that can control the flow of the Freon. True TDB-24-48-1-G-1 is my kegerator model.
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    A little update, after 24 hours the kegerator has cooled down to 40 degrees and goes between 40-45 for the first 2 days. This morning it finally reached 37 degrees and has stayed between 34-39 so far today. The compressor turns on for about 4-5 minutes and shuts down and continues this pattern. My HVAC guy said he was going to swap out the compressor and add a TXV valve if this doesn't improve.