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Foam ! what am I doing wrong?!

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  • Foam ! what am I doing wrong?!

    So at the start of the covid lockdowns I found what I thought was a great deal on a nostalgia electric kegerator. Got it cheap; brought it home, took the keg out of the garbage can full of ice (that got old quick!) and hooked it all up. Went relatively ok for the first day or so.....until the keg froze solid. I quickly learned the new to me kegerator had absolutely no ability to control temperature and seemed to be stuck on the max cold setting. Got that issue fixed by wiring up a temperature controller and plugged the unit into that and then all seemed well for a while. I learned I could fit one 1/2 barrel or two 1/6 barrels in the fridge; so I modified the unit to be able to pour from two kegs by running a 2nd line up the tower and out to a 'picnic party faucet' and splitting the co2.

    But for the entire time I've been using it (multiple kegs now), I've been battling foam. The foam seems to be worse from the stock faucet in the tower, although the picnic party faucet sometimes has foam too when/if I use that one (which is less often than using the stock tower faucet). Foam is always an issue with the first pour and is much less of a problem if I immediately pour a 2nd or 3rd. But if I go back to pour again 10 or 15 minutes later, I get foam again.

    I've been running things with 1/4" line as thats what I had lying around. Recently thought that maybe that line was just too small so I bought some 3/8" line to swap it out with. However, now that I have that in hand (and ripped out the 1/4" line), I find that the right angle shank (I think thats what its called ?!) on the back side of the faucet inside of the tower, is way too tiny to work with 3/8" line. I also wonder if that restrictive right angle is causing my foam?

    Any advice is appreciated!

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    What CO2 pressure do you have going into the kegs? Two different beers may have different pressures needed.


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      So much to fix here. You want 3/16” beer line and you need a tower cooler. With the tower cooler you are going to need to close up whatever you did to get the party tap out of the tower. The next step is getting the beer temp, knowing the volumes of CO2 for the beer and adjusting the pressure accordingly using a carbonation chart. This might be a little problematic if you just split the CO2 and are running different styles of beer. Ideally you want a two product regulator.
      What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines