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  • kegerator temperature


    i recently bought my first kegerator,

    24" Wide Dual Tap Stainless Steel Digital Kegerator
    Model: BF K309SS-2NK

    i have been having some issues with foaming. not a surprise i am sure i have been doing my research and trying to diagnose. lowered the CO2 pressure. lowered the temperature. wound up buying a tower cooler since the first pour was the worst. things got better for sure but still not what i would expect. first pour is still very foamy. so i started measuring the temperature. first pour is 45 deg even though i had the kegerator set to 32! 3rd pour in a row came down to 40.5. so i put the thermometer in the fridge to measure the air temp and it cam up at 39.5 on the bottom of the fridge. not even close to 32. my understanding is that temps above 38 will have some foaming issues and i like my beer colder. so now to the question part

    is something wrong with my brand new kegerator? as an added detail i live at 5800 foot elevation but thought that would just affect CO2 pressure not ability of fridge to stay cold. house temp is 69 deg and it is not near any sun. did i get a lemon or am i doing something wrong? i have a half keg in there right now and it has been in the kegerator for over a week.


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    Sounds to me like there is an issue, talk to Beverage Factory, The communication between the temp probe and the compressor isn't getting you low enough.
    What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines


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      kewl, i reached out to them and they replied right away. they want me to reboot it (unplug for half hour and plug back in) and then do the temp check with a glass of water overnight. in the middle of that now. will see what it turns up.