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  • foam again!

    2nd keg in a row that's pouring an enormous amount of foam. I cleaned the line thoroughly, the faucet, the coupler, etc. New keg has been sitting in a 39 degree kegerator for two days since delivery, along with a brand new CO2 cylinder. My first three kegs gave me a little excess foam but this one and the previous are ridiculous. With the previous keg I thought it might just be that the insulated, but not glycol-cooled, beer line warms up too much between the kegerator and faucet, since the second pour was always perfect. But there's another issue -- I notice a glug in the pour... a second or two into the pour, it stops for a split second and then the beer shoots out (usually splashing my draft tower). The beer line may have been kinked at some point but I've checked and it's pretty smooth lines now. Can a one-time kink permanently damage a line?

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    at the least, I just realized the connection between the beer line and the coupler is foaming beer itself, so perhaps that's the cause. I've had issues with this coupler and the beer line attachment since day 1, so if anyone has recommendations, please let me know!


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      The burp you are getting is CO2 breaking out in the line, which is a sign you aren't balanced. Are you familiar with balancing, taking the beer temp and using the volumes of CO2 for the beer to set your pressure?
      What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines