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Danby DKC644BLS help needed.

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  • Danby DKC644BLS help needed.


    Let me start by apologizing. I know my answers are someplace in this vast database of knowledge but as some posts are very old, many links are no longer valid and I find myself with a headache and warmish beer from my kegerator. That's a bad combo. I recently acquired this kegerator from my neighbor who let it sit in his garage for the last few months when he finally gave up using kegs. I plugged it in and it seems to work fine except for the temperature controls. The front display shows anywhere from 38-45 degrees sometimes changing 3 degrees in seconds. The front panel does not respond when I try to adjust the temperature or change from celsius to farenheit. The liquid temperature of my beer is only 50 degrees. I need to get this thing colder. I am open to any advice or suggestions that will lead to that end. I am not an electrician but know how to use a volt meter and am fairly handy. That being said, I won't lie and say I wouldn't like an easy and inexpensive solution either. Thank you in advance.

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    I was able to resolve this issue. I bypassed the control board cutting and combining the red, brown and black wires and installing an external temperature control. Than you to all who posted info over the years. I was able to find enough data to figure it out..