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True TDD-1- Icing, temp issues, & condensation on bottom, inside the kegerator

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  • True TDD-1- Icing, temp issues, & condensation on bottom, inside the kegerator

    I just bought a used True TDD-1 Kegerator and am having a few issues and wondered how to best troubleshoot.
    • I initially plugged it in and didn't level it. Pretty soon, I noticed water at the bottom inside the unit that would leak outside it in the front (hinge side) I assumed because it was not level. I since have leveled it.
    • I then started to see that the temp was in the mid-40s and noticed ice forming at the top in the back. It grew and grew to a good amount in a few days.
    • I defrosted it and moved the temperature gauge to between 4 and 5 and left it for the night. When defrosting a good amount of water did go down the drain tube in the back and to the pan underneath.
    • Ice had formed by the next morning and again the temp inside was in the mid 40s.
    • I defrosted again and put it at close to 1.
    • I can feel a small amount of what kind of feels like ice on the coils now. The temp is at 37-38 area. However, there is still water both on in the bottom of the unit and it leaks a bit slowly out the front door (hinge side).
    • I can't tell if the condenser is turning off after 10-15 minutes (but I'm guessing since I haven't heard it it's not doing it).
    I've tried to read threads and am wondering now:
    1. Do I need a new temp control for the unit? (I've read: "It is very simple, a couple of screws to hold things in place & two wires with spade connections. It doesn't matter which wires go to which terminal. The only pain, sometimes, is sliding the temp sensing capillary tube in & out of the evaporator, they sometimes don't want to go back in. A small bit of WD-40 can help.)
    2. Do I need a new gasket for the door?
    3. Anything else I should know.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.