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Kegco kegerator not chilling

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  • KenMez
    Have you solved the problem with your kegerator? I have a similar unit with the same problem. I’ve done all of the logical troubleshooting and think it’s the control board, but I don’t want to spend the money and be wrong.

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  • dfluegie
    started a topic Kegco kegerator not chilling

    Kegco kegerator not chilling

    I have a Kegco MDK-199B-01 which is lightly used and about 4 years old (been in storage for a couple of years). I recently restarted it and it has worked fine for about a week and has kept my beer at a steady 38 degrees.. until today. I noticed temp was at 42 and rising and the compressor not running at all, and barely warm to touch. I turned the thermostat to max cold and it didn't even click. Where do I look first? Thermostat or compressor? Any input is appreciated!!!