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No beer after adding tower cooler

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  • No beer after adding tower cooler

    I bought a Kegco K209SS 3 tap kegerator and I’ve been trying to tame the foam on my first keg.

    Saint Arnold Lawnmower 2.65 v/v according to brewery
    Beer temp 37*
    12 psi

    first day I tapped the keg I got 1/2 foam on first pour and decent second pour
    i come back a few days later and nothing but foam...3 pours all foam, no clear beer coming out of faucet at all.

    I can’t measure beer temp because it’s all foam.

    i bought a tower cooler and could barely get the hose in the tower....turn it on and I get tons of condensation on the tower but after it running for an hour or so I get NOTHING out of the faucet, no beer, no air, nothing!

    at first I thought I kinked my beer lines so I pulled the cooler tube out of the tower but still nothing!

    After about an hour I tried again and I get a slow drizzle......then a few hours later I get all foam again.

    did the tower cooler freeze my beer lines?

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    A good way to get liquid temperature without wasting beer is to put a glass of water inside your kegerator, wait a while and then temp the water. You lines could potentially be frozen; the beer in the lines would look slushy if that was the case. You also might have a pressure issue. Double check your pressure source- make sure tank is on and full, all ball valves on regulator and manifold are on, then disconnect the coupler from the keg and engage it to make sure that there is gas coming out. I've had KegCo regulators where the ball valve was the reverse orientation where in-line position was off and perpendicular position was on.