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Coupler Leak?

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  • Coupler Leak?

    Hey everyone!

    I am new to the Kegerator scene. I have a 2 tap system and am having an issue tapping my 2nd Keg. Below video shows how at the top of my 2nd sankey D system coupler, below the nut it will leak upon being tapped.

    Specifically I connect the coupler, enable co2 flow on line 2, test couple co2 on the side of coupler, then tap the keg.

    - I have replaced the coupler, the nut, rubber washer, and tip that connects on top of the coupler and this is still occuring.

    - I have placed my other coupler on from Keg 1 onto Keg 2 which works just fine.

    - I have checked co2 hose and beer line lines for good connectivity.

    - Since I have extra rubber washers, I attempted tightening the nut to the point I could not do so with a Wrench anymore as some website suggested. This did not work and ended up making the washer unusable

    Any ideas on why this is happening?

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    It looks to me like the washer is on the wrong side of the tailpiece. It should sit between the top of the coupler probe and the flat part of the tail piece.


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      Thank you mikejferrari ! I definitely have it wrong. Cheers!


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        I went ahead and got that switched around. The washer looks good still, but still getting the leak Any other ideas? Do you think I need to replace the washer?


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          Strange! If the washer looks like it's in good shape and the hex nut is securely tightened, there really shouldn't be any reason that it would leak like that. Double check the washer isn't split anywhere.


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            One more take apart, replaced with a new washer and bingo! Sure glad I purchased a dozen of these washers. Thanks again Mike! Now to let the Kegs cool and acclimate.


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              Awesome! You've definitely earned that first pint.