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Guinness Tastes Flat/ newer beer gas but low pressure gauge shows 0

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  • Guinness Tastes Flat/ newer beer gas but low pressure gauge shows 0


    I have a Guinness system at home and am having trouble with the beer gas - a few specs below:

    - I am on my second 1/6 keg now
    - I have a 20 lb canister of beer gas mix (I've read this should last quite awhile)
    - I have a dual gauge regulator
    - when I switched from first keg to second, turned beer gas line off and then back on from canister (was out for maybe an hour)
    - The first keg ran perfectly absolutely no issues, second was perfect up until yesterday (didn't have any beer for like 2 days so not sure when it turned over)
    - Have had second keg about 20 days
    - I keep the keg and the gas canister in the fridge
    - The low pressure gauge was reading zero all of a sudden and the beer tasted flat (tasted perfect a couple of days ago - didn't check either gauge then)
    - high pressure might have been set a little low but was reading about 15 - 20 when I tried to do some trouble shooting after seeing that low pressure was low
    - now I can't get high pressure gauge to increase at all - but canister feels pretty full - maybe not to the point when I first purchased, but still feels rather heavy and I wouldn't think empty
    - still getting the right amount of foam on a pour, and nice speed, just tasted flatter than usual
    - just noticed some air bubbles in beer line
    - I can take pictures or answer any other questions, not sure if I'm missing anything off the top of my head


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    Can you take some pictures of the regulator? Beer gas canisters don't weigh much over their tare weight, so it's hard to tell the level of the gas by feel. The high-pressure gauge that sticks out to the left will tell you what the level of the tank is. It should be around 1500-2000psi when its full and will slowly drop as the tank empties. The regulator should be set to 32-34psi.