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Danby DKC645BLS Start Relay and Overload Protector

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  • Danby DKC645BLS Start Relay and Overload Protector

    I am looking for the replacement numbers for a Start Relay and Overload Protector for my Keg Fridge.
    Original part numbers are 644.33B and 644.33A which are no longer available. On the Start Relay the number is P6R8MC OR0810 which I can not find online.
    Any Help would be Great.
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    I installed a Supco 3 in 1 relay Hardstart Relay and Capacitor unit on my Keg Fridge. The compressor started running and the temperature on the front display started to drop.
    So I started to reinstall all the hardware back together. after about 45 minutes, the temp went from 89 deg F down to 63 deg F. and stopped. then it started to climb up in to the 80s again. I unplugged it and let it sit until this morning. at 7:30 when I plugged it it the temp was 81 deg F. and it started to drop, with in an hour it read 39deg F. GREAT. by lunch it was at 55 deg F and at 5 o'clock it is at 92 deg. F.
    Any ideas, Should I remove all the hardware and push it to the curb, or is it fixable?