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Defrost sensor error on Marvel kegerator

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  • Defrost sensor error on Marvel kegerator

    I have a less than 2 year old Marvel kegerator built into my bar. Model ML24BSS2RS.

    I noticed last week that there was a lot of frost built up behind my sixtels when I went to change one of them. Never really noticed that much before. Shut it off and let it defrost with the door open for a few hours. Before bed I noticed there was still a decent amount of frost and ice in front of and behind the black cooling plate so I got a hairdryer and blew hot air on it to speed up the melt.

    Everything was fine until tonight when I noticed the display flashing

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    Well, I guess I signed up for nothing...I saw this post, and I was hoping there were follow up answers as I have the very same issue. And I’m getting thirsty!