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Adjusting resistance with smaller tubing on keg-side

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  • Adjusting resistance with smaller tubing on keg-side

    Problem: Foamy beer, with CO2 burps in the first pour and sometimes more. I have a home remote dispensing system with a 4-tap glycol cooled tower located 21-ft from the kegs and with taps about 3' above mid-keg level. I ran a 4-product/2-glycol Gen-X trunkline with 1/4-in barrier lines for the beer. [3/16 lines would have been too small, so I was stuck with this design]. Poured beer temp (2nd pint) is about 39F, although I am trying to get that down to 38F, but regardless I want about 11-13 psi storage/service pressure. I'm pretty sure I don't have quite enough restriction, as I calculate about 7.8# resistance from the length (6.3# due to the 0.3#/ft barrier tbg resistance), and 1.5# of elevation. I probably have another pound or so of back-pressure due to the bending/routing of the trunkline, so call it 8.5#.

    My question is, if I want to increase the resistance a few more pounds, and hopefully resolve the foam/gas breakout problem, how best to do this? I REALLY do not want to re-open my sealed trunkline connections at the base of the tower and install a restrictor set, and am wondering whether I can achieve the same goal by adding a few feet of 3/16" tubing at the keg-side and connect those smaller leaders to the existing 1/4 product lines. I haven't been able to find much about mixing tubing sizes, especially at the keg-side, to add resistance.

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    your beer lines are burping because you do not have enough pressure. 11-13 psi is not enough to push the beer 21-ft. the low pressure is creating air pockets in the line. that is what is coming out of the faucet as "burp". raise your pressure a quarter turn at a time of the regulator adjustment screw. you will need to watch for over carbonation.


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      Thanks, Dan, I'll give that a try. I know you can get into trouble by being too much on either side of the pressure line, and just thought that if I went over 14+ psi (given my above restriction calcs) then I was begging for problems. Will report back!