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  • Too much foam


    A Google search tells me this has come up far too many times. But after a few days of trying to fix the issue, I am getting frustrated.

    I am running a vanilla porter, and Fat Tire. I am having issues with both, but the problem seems worse on the Fat Tire. I have tried various pressures, and of course the lower pressure seems to help (5psi), but I worry about the beer going flat. So I am working with 10-12psi on my regulator to each keg (I am 4500ft elevation). I believe I have dialed in the temperature, and beer pours around 38-40F (see images). I've tried various types of glasses, and glass temperatures. It seems like the beer is just shooting out too quickly, and overflows the glass in just a few seconds with foam. I've installed a tower cooler, so the tower feels nice and chilly to the touch. It doesn't matter which pour this is, the problem still happens.

    I've wasted far too much delicious beer and would very much appreciate some help. This is a brand new setup that I just purchased and isn't even a week old.

    Thanks in advance!

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    What is your beer line size and how long is it? It's possible the size may be too large, the length too short or a combination of both.

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