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What kind of keg is this?

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  • What kind of keg is this?

    Hey everyone I need some help figure out what a part to a keg is:

    I picked up a keg the other day and discovered it's missing some kind if lock ring over the Lid. Sorry I am new and still learning the terminology.
    This keg had orange soda in it and was used by the coca-cola company, it still had some pressure when I pushed down on one of the ports. I was able to get the top circle port (Lid) off easy enough with help from a screw driver, by prying up just a little bit. first I turned the top thing (lid) about 15 times before i realized that it was not threaded. After getting it off I realized that it's missing some kind of ring that goes on and twists to lock the lid in place so the pressure does not pop the top off.

    Anyone have any Idea what this lock ring would be called, I tried googling key lock ring and couldn't find anything. Also if you know what the brand or style of this keg that would be helpful I'm sure later on.

    Thank you so much in advance. I am very new to this world and am excited to learn!

    - Joshua
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