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Guinness All Foam - Poured Fine Earlier

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  • Guinness All Foam - Poured Fine Earlier

    i tapped a keg of Guinness and it poured very well for a couple of days. I noticed on the third day it was much foamier. I went out of town for three days to return to a keg pour that is all foam. I suspect it is the beer mix gas being off. I changed to a new canister of beer gas but have spent the past 24 hours with the gas turned off and letting gas that builds up out every so often to get rid of the foam.

    The questions: Am I doing the right thing to release the foam? Is the Guinness 1/6th barrel salvageable (i.e., will it return to proper foam)? How should I best bring the gas back (i.e., do I turn the gas back on and leave it or do I need to open the faucet and reacclimate?)

    PSI is 32, temp is 37, beer lines are clean, faucet is fine, keg is new. Again, it poured normally the first two days.

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    I'm not knowledgeable on the balancing of Guinness, so I can't speak to the relationship between 37 degrees (is this beer temp or air temp?) and 32 psi, but your description sounds like an over carbing problem. To fix the keg you need to get it to it's proper carbonation level or below, and them come back to the correct level. AS you've done, you turn off the gas and pull the vent to release the gas in the headspace. Then shake the keg and release it again. Repeat until you don't get any gas when venting. Come back a few hours later and vent it again - the gas that comes out in this step is what has left the beer and gone into the headspace you had left empty earlier. Shake, vent, shake, vent. After a day or so you should be ready to come back up to the correct pressure.
    What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines


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      Thank you - I will give shaking the keg a try. That is one are I have not done between vents.


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        Hello I had a similar problem with my brand new Guinness kegerator where the beer came out great at first but then Later on more and more foam appeared

        I read all of the posts and tried just about everything including Shaking the keg hand letting the pressure out and repeating. I think we finally have it all figured out Because we just had a party and tapped half keg and it was perfect for the entire night. The next afternoon it was still perfect. . Turns out we just did not let our kegs sit in the kegerator long enough before tapping them. This time we let it sit for 24 hours before tapping it and it worked great. Another change we made which I am not sure affected anything is we stored the gas tank inside the kegerator where before we stored it outside the unit.

        We like our Guinness not too cold so we use a temp of 42 and a psi of 38. Hope this helps someone.


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          I'm having a similar problem and need some help. For my stout (Guinness) I'm using beer gas mix with a short beer hose (4-5 feet) and keeping the temp around 38