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Insignia Double Tap Kegerator - Tap2 has excess formation of Foam

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  • Insignia Double Tap Kegerator - Tap2 has excess formation of Foam

    Hi All,

    I bought Insignia NS-BK2TSS6, Dual tap Kegerator for my home

    Installation Status: Completed
    CO2 cylinder: Connected
    CO2 pressure: 11 PSI
    Temp: 30s
    Wait time: waited for 24 hours before tapping
    Pressure relief value: released for 3 seconds before tapping

    Problem: Tap1 is giving perfect beer. Tap2 is making excessive foam.

    Troubleshooting done so far: I switched Kegs to see if there is any problem in Keg.. but keg is okay..I guess some problem with Tap2 setup

    Insignia suggested to return the Fridge and get a new one.. but i want to see if I could get some help from anyone in troubleshooting the issue.

    Need Help!!! looking for some troubleshooting tips.. thanks everyone for your help in advance!!

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    Rohit - You using the right coupler? Also, many things will impact this. Dirty coupler, faucet, something stuck in the line. I've had foam due to various issues, but since you switched keg and the kegs were ok, I'm guessing this narrows it down to to your line, and most likely the coupler. Remove it and clean it thoroughly including moving the rubber seal and cleaning around it as well. I have a perfectly good, newish coupler at home that one day decided to stop working.

    Other thing, you dont say what the beers are. I am guessing they are different so will require different co2 and temp settings...but you said they both pour fine out of one of the lines


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      thanks for your response BigKutta..

      Right Coupler - Yes. both are Type-D coupler.

      Faucet - i removed, cleaned, exchanged (from tap1 to tap2) faucet this morning - no luck

      Beer1: Alexender Keiths India Pale
      Beer2: Shock Top Belgian Ale

      But as i said before, i switched keg and narrowed down that keg is NOT a issue.

      If temp, CO2, faucet, keg is not a issue.. then i guess -- to your guess/suggestion -- Coupler may be the issue.

      I will remove, clean, check, exchange and test both the coupler..

      Thanks once again!!


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        If you still have this problem after switching couplers, then I'd look at the shank on the offending side. If the problem follows the coupler then I'd look at the check valve in the coupler. What does the beer in the lines look like on the good side vs the bad side?
        What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines


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          Hi Guys,
          Here are the updates:

          1. i removed faucet, cleaned with hot water, checked the valve is good, and put it back for 1st and 2nd tap -- Result - no change.

          2. removed D-Coupler of bad tap, changed valve, put that back -- no luck.

          3. not sure about Shank -- so didnt touch that part..

          4. i read on internet about the length of the pipes -- i am ruling out that problem - as when i switched couplers -- it worked fine..

          5. Pipe status: the bad one has more bubbles in the pipe than the good one..

          i am tempted to believe that Coupler has some issue..



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            What do you mean by "changed valve" in line 2? When I said check valve I was referring to the ball or spear valve in the probe which is in the flow of beer. I suspect you might have looked at the gas check valve on the CO2 side.
            What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines


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              i changed the rubber washer (called it as valve) -- a spare rubber washer came with the package, so replaced it.. hope it makes sense..


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                That's not the part I was talking about. If you look into the coupler where the beer comes out, there is a part in there, which is there to prevent the back flow of beer when you in couple. I'm suggesting that part might be aggravating the flow and causing foam. It is not a required part, so you can remove it and test the pour. It is either a spring and small plastic ball, or a plastic spear that moves up and down in the center of the coupler.
                What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines


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                    That's the ball, on the other side should be a spring. Remove both and see what you get. I suspect you are going to find a shank issue, but this is easier to figure out if it's the issue.
                    What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines


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                      I think you need to clean out everything including the shank, and the ball that djc is suggesting. BTW, I had a similar issue years ago when I couldn't figure out what was wrong. It turned out it was the coupler. I was dumb to this stuff back then so just bought another one. One of these days I'll give it a new rubber gasket (assuming I can find one). Good luck, you'll figure it out


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                        Thanks guys for your suggestions. Good luck BK on fixing old one..

                        1. opened the D-Coupler and cleaned up the ball. Didnt fix the issue
                        2. I also recorded the movement in Pipe while i am pouring the beer - and doesnt look like there were many bubbles from Coupler to the Faucet..

                        Next steps: Shank