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CO2 leak at regulator body - can't seem to stop it

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  • CO2 leak at regulator body - can't seem to stop it

    Hi all - I've been kegging for a couple of years now, but now I'm fighting my first CO2 leak (and losing so far...)

    I got a new micromatic regulator recently, and I couldn't believe it would be the new part, so I checked and re-sealed / re-seated everything else in the system. Tonight I finally heard the leak, and it's coming from the junction of the regulator body and the shut-off valve (eg - the output port). This doesn't appear to be a compression fitting, so I've tried teflon a couple of times, but even after cranking it on as hard as I'm comfortable doing, it STILL leaks. I've attempted to attach a picture here.

    Any suggestions? Do I need to try using more / better teflon tape? Or maybe I have a bad regulator body? I don't see any cracks or defects...


    Thanks in advance!