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Guinness head too thick. Please help.

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  • Guinness head too thick. Please help.

    I have set up a Kegerator at my house. I have 25% CO2/75% Nitrogen, Stout faucet. The beer line was supplied by keg works, and is under 5 ft long, and is 3/16" ID. I started my pressure at 30, but it was only foam. I messed around with it from 25psi to 50psi. I had one decent pour at 38psi. I am running at 34 to 36 degrees measured with a thermoworks digital thermometer. I know how to properly pour Guinness, and have been to the mecca. (St.James Gate, Dublin Ireland) and poured a perfect pint. I am having major issues. I bled all the keg pressure off last night, and reintroduced pressure today. I also shook the gas tank because I heard the gas could come out of solution. Any ideas would be helpful.
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    FSM, proper temp for Guinness should be around 40 degrees, 38-40 is normal in the USA. Pressure set at 30-35 psig. Couple of things to check: The black spout should contain a small disc (restrictor disc) with pin holes and a flow straightener (flow straightener on bottom, disc on top). A picture of the pour would be helpful.