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    Got a little tipsy and took apart kegerator to clean it, found these two gaskets or seals after I put it together. Is it part of my kegerator?
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    The photo is not clear but It maybe the faucet seal. See number #10 in this diagram.

    But sure why you have two.


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      I have no idea,I only own one faucet lol. faucet seems to work ok, would it drip without it? Thanks for replying! Also I got a keg and noticed the o ring seal is a little chipped. No return policy at the beverage center so I'm
      stuck with it. Any quick fix for this?


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        That old saying, "The devils in the details." well and that other one "A pictures worth a 1,000 words"
        The more details you can provide online the quicker the solution. ie. Brand of keg'o'rator, components (tapper/faucet/beer line length/beer in keg/cooling fans/ tower or not/etc.)

        If you take a picture maybe lay a ruler next to it so we get a clue of size. At first I thought this was the rear wheel cylinder brake gasket on my Saab Sonett III.


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          If it's working then no worries.

          Explain what you mean by O'ring?
          Q Fix for what?

          No faucet wouldn't drip it'd gush out beer. Your cool there.


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            I'm catering a benefit at work right now, but I put a pic up when I get home. It's a haeir Kegerator. You know that little ball in the middle of a keg? That rubber oring that surrounds it is chipped. I have heard this will cause problems with foam. I'm stuck with it so not sure if I should bite the bullet or try to band aid it


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              Got tiny air bubbles in my line, maybe due to that seal. You know that ball in the middle of the keg? That rubber circle gasket surrounding it is chipped. Beer is running at 138, poured a glass and put a thermometer in it for that reading. No fan, although I need one. It's a haeir, 5 foot hose, metal
              Plate no internal fan


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                Also wanted to add it labatts blue, let her sit for 24 hours. Last keg did not do this, it was budlight


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                  If it's pouring for your event then no night swears right.

                  If's that seal is defective either you leak Co2 into the beer line to produce much foam. Or the escape route is outsides and the Co2 escapes fast out of the tank.

                  I'm betting you cool and you're looking for a problem that ain't there.


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                    Probably right, thinking to much into it. Gonna be patient. I'm new to it and I'm what you call a green horn. Lol. Thanks for trying bro!


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                      Will this keg be exhausted with you event? Little bubbles never good. If you expire it within a day no worries.


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                        For seals with cracks in them, all you need is some sort of rubber washer to place over the crack in the seal, then slowly re-tap the keg, if you got it on right the bubbles should go away.

                        Or if you have some really thick plastic like wrapping on some items you get in the mail, not the hard kind.... you can find a piece big enough to cover the keg seal, poke a small whole in the middle of it (small enough for the pin on the tavern head to fit into) then cover the bottom of the TH with it and tap the keg. The best kind is the heavy duty thick stuff. all you need to do it fill the crack in the seal w/o blocking the pin on the tavern head.

                        My boss loves it when people call about foamy beer, I go in and find out half of them have cracked seals, the 2 above tricks work 99% of the time and I dont have to tag the keg