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Milky, almost icy looking, and foam

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  • Milky, almost icy looking, and foam

    So guys I tapped a keg of bitburger pilsner last weekend. All was fine over the weekend and beer was as expected.

    Haven't had a beer all week and happened to check the pressure last night and it was all the way up to 20 from the usual 12 psi. I turned it down to 12 overnight and just tried to pour a beer, and all I got was foam followed by beer out of the tap that was foaming in the glass. Once the foam settled, the beer was milky, sweeter, and stronger tasting. While the beer came out of the tap it looked almost icy and was certainly cold. This is a full keg.

    I am guessing it got too cold (I have maintained the same thermostat setting I have for most pilsners I tap) which would explain the icy looking beer coming out. However, my question is that if the beer got too cold, could it have impacted the pressure which I saw as too high as well as the taste and color? Keep in mind that the beer was perfect for 2 days after I tapped it. Now that I have lowered the temp a bit and the pressure, will it become normal again after balancing for 24 hours?

    I would hate to waste a $200 keg