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Carbonating Water in a Sanke Keg

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  • Carbonating Water in a Sanke Keg

    Hello everyone.

    I currently have a kegerator setup with two taps but only one of them is in use. I could put another beer keg on the 2nd tap but that would be way too much beer for just one person so I've been thinking of putting soda on my second tap....

    I don't want to just put any soda but i want a variety of flavors so how can i achieve that?? By carbonating water and adding the syrup after i pour the water into a cup, i can then add whatever flavor of soda that i want, or i can just drink carbonated water if i feel like it.

    The keg that i will be using is a 1/6 sanke keg instead of the regular soda home brew kegs. I have successfully opened it up without damaging the spear ring that holds the dip tube in place and it is currently filled with water and beer line cleaning solution to get rid of any beer residue.

    My question is how to properly clean it besides using the BLC solution, does it even do a good job at getting rid of things like taste or bacteria?? I am planning on rinsing it out and filling it with dish washing soap and water but i am still concerned that the beer taste will not go away and that bacteria may begin to form after a few days. I also don't know if the water will start to get a metal taste since its going to be in there for so long so is this even a good idea or is there something I haven't considered or thought about. I would really appreciate any advice!!

    Also worth noting I will be storing the water inside my mini fridge at around 34 degrees F along with the CO2 and will force carbonate it once the water is inside the container.

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    That was the way I would do it. Home Brewers use a product called Star San to clean the cornys they use, to sanitize kegs before filling with beer, honestly don't think flavor of beer will come from keg, coupler (if chrome) and beer lines maybe, but SS keg or SS coupler, no.
    Couple things, the beer faucet may not be the right one to dispense soda and you will have to set PSI at 30+, so if you don't have a separate regulator (if you are using a "Y"), you are going to need an another regulator to dispense CO2 water.