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New Kegerator Owner Plea for Advice

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  • New Kegerator Owner Plea for Advice

    New Kegerator Owner Woes

    I recently purchased a Edgestar KC7000 SStrip triple tap kegerator…

    Initially tapped some hard cider and later a local craft beer…

    My problem – a fairly strong sulfur odor from the first 2-4 ounces I draw from any of the taps… After that t it seems OK until it has been sitting for an hour or two – then it reappears,,, Foam has not been excessive.

    The setup has 3/16 clear beer lines of about 5 feet…
    Perlick taps
    Taprite Couplers
    And is set at about 10PSI and 37degrees
    The unit has tower cooling

    I’ve tried:

    1 Cleaning the beer lines, taps and couplers with no rinse beer line cleaner
    2 Replacing the backflow balls and retainers with new ones from Micromatic
    3 Switching to a different CO2 cylinder

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated – the wastage is a crime against the beer/cider gods 

    Thank you!

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    So it is a triple tap? Does it happen on all taps, just 1? What kind of kegs are you using, commercial, cornys? Are you using your own kegs? What model Perlick is it? SS? Have you torn down faucets to clean?


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      Many thanks for looking at this!

      To help narrow it down it does seem to be more than one tap (at least two with the ciders and I think the third with the beer as well)

      All taps are Perlick 650SS and I have torn them down and soaked them in no rinse cleaner
      All Kegs are commercial 1/6

      I will double check the beer tap for the smell (I'm not a heavy beer drinker but have it for my friends who are)...

      Thanks again!!!


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        No problem, I don't mind searching for problems I have never encountered or heard of. There is a mention of 303 Stainless not being compatible with acidic fluids. Might be the Taprite couplers may not be 304 Stainless, if ciders are the ones that smell, get the coupler that is meant for cider/wine.
        Another site, the person had the same problem, he changed his cleaning material and smell went away.


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          Let me look into that - In the meantime, any other suggestions from anyone appreciated - this is really frustrating and ruining my enjoyment of my new toy!

          Thanks again!

          James Gibbons


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            KB -

            Two other questions - should the Perlick taps be fine?

            And do you know where I could find D system couplers that would be recommended for cider/wine?




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              I checked on the Perlick website and found 650 use 304, which should be fine, I'll double check (yup, 304 SS). The Taprite on the other hand probably isn't 304 SS, you could check with them but they say it is Stainless. If cider has the smell and the beer doesn't I'd say it is the coupler.
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                Could you link me to the other site where a similar problem was discussed by the way?



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                  It was about wine but cider has similar characteristics:
                  The one about cleaning powder was on another site.
                  Missed the question about couplers safe for wine and cider:
                  404 - File or directory not found.
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