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Bear Republic Racer 5 PSI?

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  • Bear Republic Racer 5 PSI?

    After making some renovations on my kegerator I'm back in the game of drinking solid craft beers!

    Anyone know off hand what the CO2 setting for Bear Republic's Racer 5. I'm guessing 12 to 14 PSI as recommended for ales. Anyone experience any different?

    My CO2 is at room temperature on the outside of the kegerator.


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    Best bet is to contact brewery and ask them for the v/v of the beer.
    What I got:
    Beverage Air #BM23
    with a "Sexy" Double Faucet Tower and Celli Eurpean Faucets
    -MM Premium Double Guage Primary Regulator
    -MM Premium 2 Product Secondary Regulator
    -MM S/S Keg Couplers
    YouTube video of the goods


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      As suggested, a good place to start is contacting the brewery for the suggested carbonation. That being said that doesn't always work as finding a good contact isn't always as easy as one would think. Often I think the first point of contact does not know and does not know who to forward the question to.

      At any rate, you still need to know your beer's temperature to know where to set the regulator to obtain or maintain the volumes of co2. For my IPAs (I brew my own), I like to serve at about 45 degrees with a carbonation level of about 2.2. This gives me, IMHO, a good hop aroma.

      If you do get your info from the brewery, or want to experiment on your own, the chart below will help.

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