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Please help the rookie- Did I ruin my beer?

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  • Please help the rookie- Did I ruin my beer?

    Hey everybody,

    When it comes to beer I am a rookie so please be nice. I haven't bought a keg in years. I bought a 50L keg for my birthday which doesn't start for about 24 hours. Out of excitement, upon getting home, I tapped my keg to pour myself one of those initial foamy glasses of beer (Just a manual pump). I DID NOT pump the manual pump at all as the keg is already pressurized but I did open the valve and pour myself and my wife a glass. I then realized the party isn't until tomorrow after finishing my glass (about 10-15 minutes). I immediately un-tapped the keg.

    My question is, even though I didn't pump yet, by pouring those two glasses did I ruin my beer for tomorrows party? Should I be seeking a last-minute replacement keg if possible or will it not be completely flat.

    Thanks in advance for any answers,


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    First off, welcome to the forum...

    You should be fine as long as you keep the keg good & cold. Enjoy your birthday...

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