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Equipment needed for a weekend?

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  • Equipment needed for a weekend?

    I'm the best man in a bachelor part coming up in a couple weekends. We're traveling about 600 miles away in a fully packed vehicle. My question is, I have a kegerator at home, and would like to put together a traveling kegerator. Basically, would like to keep the keg pressurized, likely just keep in a fridge, and able to dispense. Are there any kits out there that would allow me to hook my gas tank and coupler up to the keg and just dispense from the fridge at the location we'll be staying? I don't want to unhook all the lines on my fridge at home, so I'd rather just buy a kit if possible. Maybe someone has just built their own? I also have a regulator hooked directly to my keg, so maybe I"ll just run lines to that?
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