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  • Value of kegerator

    Hello. b here...I recently picked up a kegerator. .micromatic model #MM-BK it has 4 taps tower chiller and glass rinser. I can't find no info on it .wondering how unique it is. And how much it's worth for insurance reasons. On one of the towers it has budwiser sign wich lights up. Has single tap on that one and three taps on the other. Stainless housing. I got it not working. After servicing it I found the condenser fan was bad. I have one on order, using a blower motor for now. Works fine now..any info would be appreciated thanks

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    Welcome to the site. Sorry I have no info. on this unit, but if you call MicroMatic service bet they can help.


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      I think you've made a wise decision because it could be very useful for you. Upon checking the internet, I believe it's price is around 300 usd. I'm not sure how accurate my assumption is but it is a good buy.