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Best plan for kegs at wedding

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  • Best plan for kegs at wedding

    Hi everyone, I'm a novice with a few questions I'd really love your help with. Thanks in advance...

    Background: My younger brother is getting married at the end of June and he wants to serve 3 different beers in kegs at the wedding. It will be a backyard wedding in upstate NY where the temperature could be anywhere from 60-85 deg. F that day. There will be about 220 guests. I've read a decent amount, but still have a few questions and I would appreciate everyone's input.

    1. There will be two bars, one for cocktail hour and one for the reception. If we have 3 kegs within kegerators at the cocktail hour bar, is it OK to unplug them, roll them about 50 yards (on their caster wheels) down the paved driveway and plug them back in at the reception bar? Or will this cause foam & other problems? I'm concerned there might be some consequence to doing this that I'm unaware of.

    2. If there are additional, untapped kegs on ice at the reception bar, is there any problem with connecting them to the kegerators if/when the initial keg runs out of beer and needs replacing? Assuming it is already chilled from being on ice, can the beer be served immediately or will it need to sit for a bit before being served?


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    I would not use 1/2 barrels for the simple fact that not every guest will be drinking beer more than likely, and I doubt you will go through 3 of them, buy sixtels would be my advise (if available in the beers you want) I took two sixtels to a Redskins tailgate party this past season and used a jockey box/cooler , there must of easily been 500 people that passed through, and we barely kicked both of those kegs, which is my point, not everyone drinks beer

    Question 1, yes its okay to unplug it and move it 50 yards

    Question 2 , if you buy sixtels and your kegerator is big enough, just keep them all inside of it to keep them cold, then you wont have to worry about icing them down.

    I take it you're renting a kegerator or something? just get a big one with enough room to store a couple extra kegs

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      Its completely ok to plug them off and roll them 50 yards. But just make sure that the kegerators tat you are getting are really good ones that can hold few extra kegs. At my wedding right here in Florida, we served 2 different varieties of beer and they had to rolled all the ways to the main venue from the nearby hotel where we were staying and we got a really big kegerator for it and the beers were perfectly fine till the time they were served.


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        Hey! I am not familiar with beer things but I think you might also be thinking of serving wine to add more grace to cuisines to be served at your brother's wedding. I found something really very interesting and handy that is almost ready for the launch that is a Wine Picker wine app. It will be released at the end of march and as you say your brother' s wedding is in the June so you can take full benefit of this plan to set some amazing food and wine pairing for the function.
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          Old thread but still I also had to organize my brother's wedding because I promised him that I would help him and I already had nowhere to go. I couldn't imagine that it could be so hard to work out all the details and make everyone happy.
          Because I wanted it to be an evening full of surprises and something special, I turned to event production for weddings and private events and they made an unforgettable evening. How many personalized things they put on and how interactive the event was, I couldn't expect such a thing.
          My brother in general was speechless and thanked me thousands of times for my help.
          I hope you also will manage to do everything well and have a wonderful wedding.
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            At a wedding, cocktails and spirits are often drunk, but there should be beer too. If you roll the kegs on the ground, then nothing terrible will happen to them, if it is not a cliff.


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              Great, thanks!