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Rookie Bartender trying at home

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  • Rookie Bartender trying at home

    Hey gang!! I need some professional advice! I have been a server/bartender all my life and because of this I have a year end party coming up this weekend which I was in charge of getting a keg. That was the easy part. I now have a keg, and one of my liquor reps said they would supply me with the ice bucket and the CO2 canister as well...SCORE right? Well then I found out that his company doesn't have the right coupler, SOooo I have that on order, but when it comes to setting this entire contraption up I am so lost. The pub its easy to tap and un tap kegs and bleed lines etc. What on earth do I do at home? same thing? Just screw the A coupler into my carlsberg keg and then what? Any help is greatly appreciative!!!


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    Lia, you will need something like this to pour the beer. Attach to the top of the coupler and it's a party tap. Pressure around 8psig.



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      Those kegs use a European Sankey Keg Coupler - aka S Coupler